5 Top Museums in Athens That Every Tourist Must Visit

5 Top Museums That You Shouldn’t Miss Out in Athens

If you are waiting for a visa to go to Athens, let us assure you that it’s definitely a wonderful place to visit. Athens has some of the most well-equipped museums you’ll find anywhere in the world. Honestly, it’s not easy to select a few museums and discuss them since there is a long list of them. But I’ve attempted to enlist 5 of the most excellent museums every traveler must visit while in Athens. They include:


  • Acropolis Museum.
  • Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art.
  • Contemporary Art’s National Museum.
  • National Museum of Archaeology.
  • Benaki Museum.


There’s a nice museum in every single archaeological site, so you’ll find many of them in Athens. It is full of sites of historical significance, which is why there are more Greek archaeological museums as compared to other countries while the tourist attractions of Athens extend beyond archaeology. Find out about the top-notch museums in this article.


The Acropolis Museum

The Acropolis Museum is among the most well-equipped places in Athens. It has exhibits that can be traced all the way back to the Mycenaean era, and even to the Early Christian era. The building offers the Acropolis’ breathtaking view and has an award-winner museum. You might be astonished to view the Parthenon marbles and think that’s the maximum this museum can offer, but that’s only the beginning.


You should particularly visit the Gallery of the Finds that contains the Acropolis slopes sanctuaries’ archaeological finds and also accommodates artifacts that represent the daily life of the settlements. The museum has glass floors that allow a visitor to observe the archaeological excavations easily. You’ll notice the details about all museum equipment displayed over the items. If you don’t understand the Greek, you can translate English to Greek easily using an online translation service.


The Goulandris Museum of Cycladic Art

The museum that I personally like the most in Athens is none other than the Museum of Cycladic Art. It has two distinct structures that are interlinked through a corridor with a glass roof. The museum was constructed in 1985 and had permanent collections overall its floors.


The first floor contains the Cycladic Collection that primarily constitutes the marble figurines, obsidian tools, marble pottery as well as a range of artifacts that date back to the 3200-2000 BC period. There are some beautiful models of Ancient Greek Art on the upper floors. The ground floor offers you a shopping space with cafes that you can dine in and multiple museum shops.


Contemporary Art’s National Museum

This museum was first made in 2000 and was reconstructed along with the establishment of the old Fix Brewery as the prime building for museum was established in 2014. It is pretty well-organized and promotes the artwork of a range of modern artists from different countries of the world. You may not find a permanent collection as of now as the establishment in the museum showcases temporary collection, the parts of which will subsequently be included in the permanent collection.


The National Archaeological Museum

This museum surpasses all other museums in entire Greece when it comes to size. Located in a wonderful neoclassical structure, the museum stands among the best tourist attractions in Athens. I particularly suggest you visit this museum because of its closeness to the Omonoia metro station and the Viktoria metro station. That helps in quick traveling from the museum to any other place you want to visit while in Athens.


This museum cultivates a prospect of culture as well as artwork that ranges from the prehistory to the period of late antiquity. There are two different floors for the exhibition of the collections. Once there, you can find different models from the Neolithic Collection and move towards the Cycladic Collection followed by the Minoan and also the Mycenaean Collection. The museum has all kinds of impressive ancient artillery, finds, epitaphic masks, and jewels.


The Benaki Museum

Situated right amid the Athens city center, the Benaki museum is a must-see site for travelers who want to take a deep look into the ancient and at the same time, the modern artwork of Greece. The museum exists around Koumpari Street’s corner that is also close to the Vasilissis Sofias. This museum’s range of permanent collections includes the Roman Art, and the Prehistoric era’s an ancient Greek model. You will also find models of the Byzantine Art there.


Be Prepared to Explore Some Seriously Well-Equipped Museums

Museums in the city of Athens are the main tourist attractions. You can have a good look at the culture and art of the ancient civilizations and also the latest artwork that represents the changing trends of modern times. The museums have pleasant cafés and shopping areas as well. You can have a great time exploring any of our suggested museums and yet save money by visiting it during the day when the entrance is free, and the place stays open until midnight.