Discover the charm of Toronto

The art museum, the green space have made own charms Toronto. On the world tourist map, Toronto, Canada is not one of the prominent names. Even in Canada, Toronto is not the capital. However, this city has a charm that is extremely attractive and the reason why Toronto can keep foot of those who visit this peaceful to toronto

In order to make impression to visitors from the beginning, the government of Canada has decided to renovate the subway ramp in Toronto. The results have been excellent, beyond the control of the authorities, the Toronto subway line has become one of the most attractive art museum of the city.

Along the subway lines that are inanimate colonnades stones, have become the statues portraying the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh statue, stone Doric colonnades of the Parthenon temple in Greece and the pillars Chinese style of the Forbidden City. There is no place that visitors to metro station not to leave but to stand back to admire.

When stepping out of this unique metro area, visitors will come to the Royal Ontario Museum, a more meaningful museum. This place keep the massive collection of the Stone Age, Bronze Age, the geological heritage, dinosaur fossils that are found around the world, as well as impressive modern paintings.

The museum is famous for its architecture as a crystal that attracts visitors from the entrance. In summer, when to the Royal Ontario Museum, visitors can admire the masterpieces of modern art Picasso.

If you continue walking on the streets of Toronto, this will lead you to the Chinatown in which there are a lot of shops opened by Chinese people. With those who love shopping, this street section is indeed a paradise for them. Chinatown is connected to Kensington market, satisfying the needs of those who prefer shopping and tasting delicious food street.

In the southwest of the city, there is one of the many green spaces of Toronto: Trinity Bellwoods Park. When to this place, visitors have opportunity to get a break, relax in a fresh green color, watching people walk in gorgeous costumes, cute dogs and play with the children and people practicing yoga. Right near the park is the stores Uncles, I Miss You and Aunties that are famous for vintage style costumes and handbags.

Toronto at night is also as busy as daytime. If you are a fan of music, do not forget to stop by the bar in Toronto such as Dakota or Poetry Jazz to enjoy melodious songs is played by jazz and country musicians in Toronto.

Guests can also outwards from the city center and rent a boat excursion on small islands near Toronto. From the boats, you can see Canada’s largest city and its symbol: Toronto television tower.