The Adventures at Mount Pinatubo

Mount Pinatubo is one of the famous active volcanoes in the country. It is situated about ninety kilometers away from the Philippine Capital, Manila. Mount Pinatubo has even made a name when it had its biggest eruption in the year 1991, killing a lot of innocent lives.

Its history may be a little sad, but what it is today would make you forget about what it has done decades ago. Mount Pinatubo had become one of the main attractions in Capas, Tarlac. If years ago it was what scared the people most, today, people go to Mount Pinatubo to have fun and take its adventures.

If in countries like Dubai has its deserts to take pride on, in the Philippines, it’s Mount Pinatubo. It allows you to experience fun and excitement through Mount Pinatubo adventure trek. The thrill it gives is just so amazing that you might want to ask for more.

And speaking of more, when you reach the top, you will see one of the best creations of nature. You won’t even remember that the same mountain where you are seeing a magnificent view, was the same mountain that once brought tears to people of Capas. More doesn’t end there, you can also swimming on its lake, a lake that has pure and clear water on it.

Mount Pinatubo is not just a place for adventure or nature tripping, but also a place for wellness. Just around the area, you will find spas that offer exciting services including spa treatments using the ashes from the volcano. According to science, the ashes do have a certain component that helps takes off unwanted toxins from the skin.

Mount Pinatubo has definitely gone a long way already from its awful past. It has in one way or another, given back what it has taken years ago. It may have not brought back the lives of the people killed during its eruption, but it definitely has given back the hope for the people who have survived the tragedy.

So if you are looking for a perfect weekend getaway or weekend adventure, then this must be a must-try.